Paintings Of Dorset by Artist Stella Dunkley

March 26, 2017

Paintings Of Dorset

I’m often inspired to create paintings of Dorset, many of which are loosely based on views around the local area of Christchurch, I enjoy finding interesting views, creating Impressionistic paintings of this picturesque area, with the sea, forest and rivers, in the beautiful county of Dorset, inspiration can be found by walking along the coastal paths, through the New Forest, the River Stour and River Avon, the harbours, and endless beaches, all at different times of the year and in all weathers!

Paintings of Dorset

Brightening Skies Over The Purbecks, commissioned painting, oil on canvas, 76 x 102 x 4 cm

Quality Of Light

What captures the imagination and inspires the creation of my paintings the most, is a quality of light that I can re-capture onto canvas, the light I find the most interesting is at sunrise, sunset and twilight, the skies can change second by second, and create magical vistas that fill the senses, three paintings of Dorset that are I’ve chosen to feature here are examples of how I paint light, and how this effects the land and sea

Poppies By The Sea

Poppies By The Sea, original acrylic on box canvas, 51 x 41 x 2 cm, click here to view the painting


I enjoy painting Impressionistic interpretations of a place, re-creating a scene to make it full of atmosphere and colour, that takes the viewer to a different place and time, that I hope connects with the viewers thoughts and emotions, my paintings have often been described as “magical”, which is a word I love to hear, as I aim to make my paintings an escape of the mind from the day to day “toil and moil” to a place of beauty, and peaceful tranquility!


Coastal Walk

Coastal Walk, original acrylic on box canvas, 30 x 60 x 4 cm, click here to view the painting

Thanks for reading, back soon with more arty ramblings! 🙂 visit my website for more art to view or purchase, for your home or office 🙂

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Semi Abstract Seascapes

April 23, 2016

Semi Abstract Seascapes

A few new semi abstract seascapes are now completed and online for sale at several online galleries, including my personal gallery website, I enjoy creating semi abstract seascapes focusing on the colours, mood and atmosphere,  using only the finest artists quality oil paints and canvases, in these paintings layers of colour and texture are built up gradually, creating depth and luminosity, the latest collection has gorgeous blues and mauve in the sky and the golden colours of the sand and shore.

In Ocean Light II the colours are blended together carefully, expressive brush marks are used, with the light source in the centre, radiating light onto the shore below, many of my paintings aren’t created to represent a particular place, but they still contain some of the fundamental elements of the sea, shore or land of a certain area, I feel that a painting is successful when I have succeeded in capturing a fleeting, transient, moment of the day

Semi abstract seascapes Ocean Light II

Ocean Light II semi abstract seascape

Creating & Capturing Light

Many of my landscape and seascape paintings focus on the effects of light, whether it be radiant sunlight streaming through the clouds, misty ethereal light on a cloudy day, reflected shimmering light on the water in my original seascapes, moonlight shining on the sea, or the golden light from the sun as it sinks below the horizon, in many of my paintings the light is the star of the show!

Semi abstract seascapes Ocean Light

Semi abstract seascape Ocean Light

Creating Mood & Atmosphere

I enjoy creating mood & atmosphere in my paintings, by focusing on the colours, the light & shade, abstract shapes in the sky and on the shore, all combined in a way that can connect with the viewer, and create an emotional response, breathtaking, beautiful ethereal seascapes, created from memory and imagination, expressive and vibrant art to adorn the walls of your home or office space

Light Storm semi abstract seascape

Light Storm semi abstract seascape

Thanks for reading, more art talk soon 🙂

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Abstract Trees Paintings

March 07, 2015

Abstract Trees Paintings

I enjoy creating these original abstract trees paintings, with rich textural effects using many different natural substances to create depth and sculptural textures, trees are a wonderful subject to paint, each tree has a character of its own, they can evoke many different emotions for the viewer, some paintings of single trees can represent loneliness, courage and strength, groups of trees can represent togetherness, families and friendships


Abstract Trees Paintings

Abstract Trees Paintings, Saffron Hill

Textured Art

I’ve been creating my textured pieces for many years now, I’ve developed many unique techniques by experimenting with different substances to create sculptural effects and depth, the texture is raised from the surface of the canvas which makes the viewer want to touch not just see, metallic paints and genuine gold and metal leaf feature greatly in my abstract trees paintings, they enable me to include wonderful light reflective effects, with shimmering golds, bronze, copper and silver, the light reflection can been seen in natural and normal room lighting


Abstract Trees Paintings Copper Tree II

Abstract Trees Paintings Copper Tree II


Mixed Media Abstract Trees Art On Canvas

The abstract trees paintings are painted using acrylics, oils & mixed media on canvas, many have the beautiful greens of Spring and Summer, the rich vibrant colours of Autumn and cool muted blues of Winter, some are on canvas panels and are framed, some are on box canvases with the edges painted so they can be hung without the need for a frame, many of these abstract trees paintings are inspired by local scenes in The New Forest, incorporating the atmosphere, textures and moods of the Dorset landscape

Abstract Trees Paintings End of Autumn

Abstract Trees Paintings End of Autumn


Thanks for looking, for more art for sale, prices and availability visit:

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Sunset Prints by Dorset Artist

December 13, 2014

Sunset Prints To Buy Online

I’ve just had some  sunset prints done of a few of my original oil paintings, these giclee prints are on heavyweight paper, signed & numbered, they can be matted ready to frame or sent rolled in a tube ready to take to your framer.  All three are from original oil on canvas paintings, beautifully reproduced as limited edition prints on paper or contact me if you’d like a canvas print

sunset prints Evening Splendour

Evening Splendour Sunset

Limited Edition Giclee Prints

If you’re looking for an affordable piece of art a limited edition print could be a great alternative to an original painting, giclee prints in limited editions are a worthwhile addition to your art collection, signed by the artist on the front & numbered, these prints are limited to 100 copies once they are sold no more are produced


Sunset Seascapes Colourful Prints For Sale

I’ve used a palette of  gorgeous colours in all three of these paintings, blues, pinks, reds, purples, orange & yellows, which have been reproduced perfectly into these art prints, the sunset prints will brighten your home or office, to bring a little sunshine to your living space, they are all large prints on heavyweight paper,  using only high quality inks and acid free mounts, my original paintings of the sea are based on Dorset and the south coast of England, I’m pleased to be able to have some prints available to make my art more affordable to all, my sunset paintings have been especially popular with buyers of original art so I’m hoping these prints will appeal to art lovers worldwide


Sunset Prints From Original Paintings

Sunset Rhapsody II, Large giclee print on paper

Sunset Rhapsody II Sunset prints

Sunset Rhapsody II Sunset Prints

sunset print sailing at sunset

Sailing at Sunset

Above are Evening Splendour & Sailing at Sunset, large sunset art prints on paper, click on the photos to go to my website where you can view or purchase these art prints or choose an original painting, thanks for looking 🙂 x


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Abstract sunset painting by Stella Dunkley

May 18, 2013

Abstract sunset painting by Dorset artist Stella Dunkley

New original art for sale on the gallery websites, original Abstract Sunset painting, titled Eternal Horizon, a large contemporary oil on canvas painting, it’s a panoramic canvas, the size is 120 x 40 x 4 cm, a good size for over the sofa or for a focal point in your living room, click here to view the painting Eternal Horizon by Stella Dunkley

Creating original abstract art

I enjoy creating abstract art that focuses on the sun or sea, the challenge of getting the mood and atmosphere of the landscape, but abstracting the scene into its fundamental elements, letting the viewer connect with the art with their own interpretation of the piece, without being restricted by the confines of a traditional composition, shape and form, of a representational landscape scene

Abstract sunset painting Eternal Horizon

Abstract sunset painting Eternal Horizon

 Abstract sunset painting, original oil on canvas, Eternal Horizon by artist Stella Dunkley

About the painting

The dominant colours in this painting are: blues, fuchsia, purples and mauve, its signed on the front, a certificate of authenticity is included, you dont need a frame as the edges are finished, about the painting:  its a calming peaceful painting, with deep colours, the main focus is the luminous light source in the centre of the piece which radiates outwards illuminating the abstracted sea and sky

Abstract Sunset Painting Midnight Reflections IV

If you’d like to see more similar paintings available I have just completed another piece titled Midnight Reflections IV, original oil on canvas, abstract sunset painting, size: 80 x 40 x 2 cm, similar colours to Eternal Horizon, deep blues, violet and mauve

Abstract sunset painting Midnight Reflections IV

Abstract sunset painting Midnight Reflections IV

Click on the art to see the painting on the website

Thanks for reading, more art soon 🙂

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Abstract Seascapes Original Seascape Art Tempest Sky

April 20, 2013

Abstract seascapes Tempest Sky by Dorset Artist Stella Dunkley

New art for sale at, original abstract seascapes,  paintings to view and buy online, direct from the artist, for your contemporary home or office wall,  this new piece is a large semi abstract seascape painting,  a unique one of a kind original painting, an atmospheric seascape, with a free-flowing dramatic abstract sky, with shades of blue, grey and vanilla, with drifting clouds above the sea and rugged shoreline

Creating Original Abstract Seascape Art

The painting techniques I have used to create this art have been learnt by experimentation, layers of colour are used to produce depth and luminosity, various natural materials are used for texture, many are collected from the beaches of Dorset, including sand, crushed shells, old fishing nets etc. paint is applied using palette knives, brushes and other tools, paint is splattered onto the canvas making the results unpredictable and spontaneous, the  painting is full of rich colour, vibrancy and texture, this piece is created from memories of the sea and sky, and predominantly created from my imagination, it has a dream like quality, thoughts of the sea and sky transposed onto canvas

The techniques I use create a piece that cannot be duplicated, my work is an authentic vision of the world through my eyes, many try to copy my art, but delibrate copies of my work are soulless, inauthentic and not original

Abstract seascapes Tempest Sky acrylic canvas painting

Abstract seascapes Tempest Sky acrylic canvas painting

Tempest Sky, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, abstract seascapes, original painting by Dorset artist Stella Dunkley

This piece is one of many original abstract seascapes to view on the gallery websites, click here to  buy art online, visit the website to see more art, you can make an offer for an artwork, commission a unique piece of art, perfect to compliment your home or workplace decor, collect original art, invest in the future of British art!, thanks for visiting, more art to view, and more art chat very soon 🙂

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Art For Sale Abstract Seascapes

April 16, 2013

Art for sale original Abstract Seascapes by Stella Dunkley

A few new semi abstract seascape paintings, completed and on the gallery websites, original art for sale online direct from the artist

New Original Paintings

The first is titled Light Fall,  I find the quality of light at the coast inspiring, at all times of the year, in all weathers, on this particular day the sunlight found its way through the clouds, and shafts of light  streamed down onto the sea and shore, this original semi abstract seascape is an oil and mixed media painting on box canvas, the dominant colours in this piece are blues, gold and terracotta

art for sale light-fall-abstract-seascapes

Light Fall, original abstract seascape painting

Abstract Seascape Painting Light Fall

The painting is signed on the front and is sent with a certificate of authenticity, its ready to hang with finished edges for that contemporary frameless look, this artwork is moody, atmospheric, bringing together the beautiful elements of the coast, the sky, sea and shore,  it will help to create a calming ambiance in your home or office

 About The Art

The painting is a medium to large sized piece, 70 x 70 x 4 cm,  its an impressionistic painting, in my recognizable style, created using brushes and palette knives to create a painting full of rich vibrant colour and texture, the main focus of this artwork being the luminous light cascading down onto the shore

Thanks for reading, back soon with more art 🙂 to see more abstract seascapes and other paintings, art for sale, visit my gallery website  click here

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Original Sunset Painting Blue Nocturne

February 20, 2013

Latest original sunset painting online Blue Nocturne

New art just finished and listed for sale on the gallery website, this new painting is another one of my original sunset paintings titled Blue Nocturne, deepest blues are used in this moody semi-abstract seascape painting, flowing lines and abstract clouds drift across the bluest of skies,  its similar to my original Blue Reverie series of seascape oil paintings, as the painting has similar shades of deep blues and pink, the design is very different, the sky is more abstract, reflecting the linear shapes that are also seen in the sea below, the sun is reflected in golden yellow and red, lighting up the tops of the waves as they come into shore

Original sunset painting Blue Nocturne

Blue Nocturne original sunset painting

Blue Nocturne, original seascape sunset painting, Impressionistic paintings inspired by views of the sea and skies of Dorset and the South of Englands coastline, oil on box canvas, the colours included are: blues, pink, reds and yellow, the painting is a medium size piece at 80 x 30 x 2 cm, the painting continues around the edges for contemporary hanging without a frame, or you can frame if preferred, its signed on the front, and dated on the reverse of the canvas

Commission an original sunset painting by artist Stella Dunkley

Contact me if you like the painting but would like something in a larger size, you can choose to have the painting in any size, panoramic or on multiple canvases, more info about the painting can be seen on the item page at The Artist Studio and soon listed on my own website,  click on the image above to view the artwork, see the details and more images, more new original sunset paintings will be up online soon, as always thanks for your interest in my art 🙂

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Sunset Sonata Original Seascape Art

February 15, 2013

Sunset Sonata Seascape Art

New original seascape art, finished and now available to view on the website, Sunset Sonata is a large contemporary seascape painting, the medium used is oil on canvas, its a painting of a sunset sky full of harmonious colour, and the last golden rays of the setting sun, with a sea of all the colours reflected from the sky, the sky has blues, mauve, pink and red, all the bright glowing hues as the sun starts to sink and disappear into the horizon, its a large piece : 120 x 40 x 2 cm, suitable for framing or leave it unframed as the painting continues around the edges

Capturing the colours and light of an evening sky

The sky changes with every second that passes, the colours intensifiying as the sun gets closer and closer to the horizon, Its an endless source of inspiration for me as no sunset is ever the same, you are viewing a single moment in time that will never be repeated, I try to capture that single moment in a painting


Seascape art Sunset Sonata by Stella Dunkley

“Sunset Sonata” Original Seascape Art


Sunset Sonata, at the waters edge as the sun decends into the sea, waves breaking to the shore, the sunlight reflected on the water


Sunset by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I saw the day lean o’er the world’s sharp edge

And peer into night’s chasm, dark and damp;

High in his hand he held a blazing lamp,

Then dropped it and plunged headlong down the ledge.

With lurid splendor that swift paled to gray,

I saw the dim skies suddenly flush bright.

‘Twas but the expiring glory of the light

Flung from the hand of the adventurous day.


You can see more details about this painting and more original seascape art on the website click on the following link to view the painting Sunset Sonata

Thanks for looking


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Contemporary Seascape Paintings

January 28, 2013

Seascape art for sale, original contemporary seascape paintings

Coastal Colours is an original beach sunset painting,  the latest of my contemporary seascape paintings inspired by the Dorset coast, with beautiful blues, mauve, pink & gold, its an atmospheric beach scene, capturing a family taking an evening walk on the beach, with sailing boats in the distance, the seascape painting is an oil and mixed media on box canvas, with a sky of blue & pink, and the sun breaking through the clouds illuminating the shore below

Coastal Colours Seascape Painting

Contemporary seascape paintings Coastal Colours

Seascape painting Coastal Colours

I’ve been working on a few commissions so its been a busy few weeks, but while layers of paint are drying I made use of a few hours to finish off another of my beach seascapes, this one is medium sized at 76 x 51 x 2 cm, would make a great feature if you love the sea, and enjoy walks along the shore

About The Seascape

The picture doesn’t need a frame to hang on your wall as the painting continues around the sides, it can be framed if preferred as its on a standard depth of canvas, the painting is full of colour and texture, with oil paints layered and glazed to give depth and luminousity, the light on the sea is the main focus, with beams of sunlight shining down on the water and shoreline

The painting can be viewed by visiting the artwork page at :  Coastal Colours Contemporary Seascape

Thanks for your interest in my art, back soon with more art:)

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